Thursday, January 31, 2013

Uh, just hold on a second there professor....we fixed the glitch

It seems the glitch in the platform has been resolved and I can finally post pictures again from my desktop!  It was getting a little thin around here since typing about fish and flies without pictures does not exactly make for a must see. 

Last night I finished up the four week Advanced Tying class held at Mad River Outfitters here in Columbus.   In the first class I let them all know that week four would be whisky week...if I like them.  If it says anything about this group I brought in two different bottles last night!   I tailor the tying classes to people that take them so in this class we did two nights of large streamers, one steelhead night, and one saltwater night...and had a blast!  The guys were bumming that there was only one class so I will have to talk to Brian about getting another class together in the coming months rather than waiting for next winter.  It was a joy spending Wednesday evenings with these guys and looking forward both to further classes and hitting the water with them.

Just to get back in the groove of some fish porn I offer this White River fish.  Brad Bohen, the man behind Musky Country Outfitters and Primo Tail, took a break from his presentation trail to stop off and throw some flies on the White River in Arkansas.  He teamed up with ACF friend and customer Brock Dixon and hit the water.  They put in some hard time and were rewarded with this solid brown that made a meal of a tan and yellow Voodoo Squatch.  Awesome stuff guys!

With mee getting back to normal and caught up, and pictures being able to be posted again, things should be getting back to normal around here.  I should have a large batch of flies knocked out by the end of the weekend, so the picture should be pretty sweet!  Until then...

-mike schmidt

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Evidently still glitchy...

I would love to wow you with pictures of flies and fish but evidently the platform is still a bit glitchy and I am unable to upload pictures right now.  Over the weekend I tied up an army of meat to hit the mail tomorrow and have quite a busy week coming up between the class at Mad River Outfitters and heading to Jersy on Thursday for the Fly Fishing Show at Somerset.  Hopefully by the time I get back the glitch will have fixed itself, but in the meantime check out the shots at the Anglers Choice Flies Facebook page.  Catch you soon.

-mike schmidt

Monday, January 14, 2013

Back in the saddle for 2013

Well, it has been a rough few weeks but I am back at the vise.  The flu had a heavy grip on me but finally feeling better.  I posted a picture to Facebook earlier tonight of some recent work and will be hammering away at flies every waking moment for the forseeable future.  I appreciate yor patience if you have flies on order and will get them out as soon as they are done, and if you emailed and have not heard back from me yet then I should be in touch within the next day or so. Tuesday will be the second week of the Advanced Tying class at Mad River Outfitters, this week will be saltwater patterns.  I hope to have pictures from the class and the vise coming soon!

-mike schmidt