Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Smallie Madness!

Could not resist the draw of the water tonight, so off to chase some smallies I went after work. Five minutes from my back door is a pretty solid stream and it did not disappoint tonight.

Mariano was chucking a pencil popper and had plenty of action. Here is is hooked up with his best fish of the night.

A chunky central Ohio smallmouth that taped out at just over 15" of mean.

I spent the night slow retrieving a Rattlesnake just under the surface and this was my best fish of the night. Hell of a nice bend in a slow 4WT!

As we were walking out I was surprised by a hell of a nice hatch coming off. We were parked in a lot that closes at dark otherwise I would have liked to have stuck around and seen if we could have banged out a few fish on dries. There is always next time...


  1. Nice! It's always so hard to leave...

  2. That it is. Nice to know it is just up the road any time I want to head back ;)