Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chroming with the Orvis guys

I made the drive up to Erie on Friday night to meet up with Greg Senyo and a group of the guys that made the trip out from Orvis corporate to fish the alley again. First thing in the morning we rolled out to see what we could find. Many decided to indy fish since it was so cold, but I went a different direction. Greg, Shawn Brillon, and myself settled on swinging despite knowing it would be tough with the recent drop in temps. As we arrived riverside I took a second to survey the river and get a good stick lit. I was able to hook up with a big fish right off the bat but lost it at the feet of a dude that seriously low holed sucked.

The water was a perfect color for swinging but extremely cold. Here is Greg and Shawn working an ideal run.

Cast, mend, swing, step, repeat...

Greg did hook up with a player...we stuck with the swing game the whole day.

Yeah...not a good idea to keep your fly out of the water for too long. Tends to freeze.

Shawn muscled this monster in to submission!

As it got later in the day the sun pushed through and lit up the trees against the dark stormfront rolling through. It was really cool.

There first thing in the morning we worked the river hard all the way through to the sun dropping behind the trees. It was cold and not overly successful from a catching perspective, but had a great time spending the day on the water with two friends.

Once back at the rooms we had a magnificent dinner provided to us by our hosts at the Liar's Den. Chili, bean soup, perch, fries, salad, and plenty of beverages. Dinner finished up and the guitars came out. It was a great night hanging out with lots of laughs.

By the end of the night Jim and Steve were playing both classic tunes and a few of the 'on the spot' variety. It was great hanging out with old friends and meeting the Orvis crew. Looking forward to the repeat next year!

-mike schmidt


  1. Nice report Mike.
    Always good to get out fishing regardless of the catch rate in my opinion.

  2. No doubt Eunan! We went in to it knowing that with the temps where they were at we would be at a severe disadvantage swinging rather than indy, but that chrome hit on a streamer is addictive.