Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Film Tour and end of the show season

Had a great last week between doing the Film Tour, heading up to Detroit for the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo, and having Mike Schultz down to wet a line then give a presentation to Central Ohio Fly Fishers. It was a busy one but now it is in the rear view and I am looking forward to getting caught up and hitting some more water. Here are a few shots from the events.

Pulled in for the Film Tour stop and had Cameron Mortenson of the Fiberglass Manifesto pull in next to me. You could say we are long lost car twins...

Before the films kicked off our host and show organizer, Michael Decoteau, got up front to thank everyone and touch on the beneficiary of the showing which was Project Healing Waters.

It was a packed house and the films did not disappoint! I already have visions of Tarpon, Char, and Silver Creek dancing through my trip planning...

One of the other vendors there was Ethan Smith of Smith Fly. He produces modular fishing components that are all produced stateside. A couple items were very interesting to me and I took the opportunity to pick up an El Poquito. I put it to good use on the river yesterday and am sure it will be a valued piece of gear for my wet wading season.

The weekend saw me at the Midwest Fly Fishing Show put on by the Michigan Fly Fishing Club. By all accounts it was a fantastic show...the biggest in a long time. This is the premiere show in the midwest and none left disappointed this year. The show is always packed with interesting stuff to see and do including a full presentation schedule full of presentations anchored by Skip Morris, Bob Jacklin, Eric Stroup, George Daniel, and April Vokey (who also stuck around and helped at the kids tying area when not on stage. It was an amazing show and fun to catch up with new and old friends. Next year it will be March 9th and 10th, and be anchored by Ed Engle, AK Best, and Jeff Currier!

One visitor was my nephew, Hunter, who was enjoying the show for the first time and digging the feathers everywhere.

It was also my last show for the season, so this was the last time until the fall that I will have all the gear crammed in to the car.

Tuesday night was our Central Ohio Fly Fishers meeting and we had Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters coming in to discuss his warm water program. With the weather set to be amazing he came in early and we hit a local river to see about some fish. The first hour or so saw some decent action with a few fish to the boat and numerous other follows, but then the sun burned off all remnants of haze and it got real bright...

Here was the best fish on the day...another victim of Pat Kelly's Butter Buster sculpin.

Today I got home to my copy of Ann Miller's new book, Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams, waiting for me. Ann has been working onthis for some time now and asked me last year to assist by submitting a few patterns for inclusion...and of course I agreed! It is an extremely thorough book covering every river hatch in our area; including pictures, descriptions, and fly patterns. If you are in the Midwest or travelling here you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy.

Back to the vise I go now to knock out as much as I can. March Madness and St Patty's Day are upon us so be careful out there this week. Should have some more fly pics soon!

-mike schmidt<

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