Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4/20 TCO Streamer workshop

My final tying event of the season came and went last weekend, it was a long awaited streamer workshop for TCO Fly Shop in State College PA.  After work on Friday I hit the road headed east to crash at George Daniel's place.  Upon arrival we hung out for a bit and talked some fishing before hitting the sack.  Despite the serious rain they had gotten that day we were going to try and hit some water in the morning. 

We awoke to near freezing conditions and just about everything but Big Fishing Creek blown out...and even that was pretty gnarly water.  We got out for an hour after breakfast and despite the conditions enjoyed the crisp morning.  Lots of casting and no fish willing to play.

After getting changed we headed about 15 miles up the road to the bed and breakfast where the class was to be held.  We had a good group of guys and covered four patterns as well as some rigging and tactics while we tied.  It was a fun class and the guys kept me on my toes with a lot of questions as we worked our way through two patterns before lunch and then two after.  Hopefully the guys learned a few things and will be tying up some more streamers to hit the water soon!

Afterwards I met up with Lenny Gliwa and headed back out to the river...which was still pretty blown.  We gave it a shot and after a few hours I finally hooked up with a mid-teens fish that performed an expert lond distance release after aabout ten seconds...and that was the only fish I would feel. 

That night was an absolute blast with a bunch of the local guides coming over to Georges for some dinner after which we had cocktails and BSd long in to the night.  Lots of stories were told...almost none of which I could repeat to my mother.  It was awesome!  I finished off the trip with below freezing conditions on the water with George on Sunday morning.  We gave it a shot at three different stretches but to no avail.  I thouroughly enjoyed hanging out with George and the guys, and seeing some new water.  I will definitely be back to hit that water again in more favorable conditions!

Sorry for the short and sweet report but I am working on getting caught back up on orders and am exhausted.  Keep your eyes out here as in the next day or two I plan to post a new step by step which peope have been asking for over hte last few months.

-mike schmidt

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