Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall camping

Friday was one of those days at work that seemed to drag on for days.  It was not because it had been a particularly strenuous day on the job but because I knew that I was headed out with a car full of camp gear to hang out amongst the trees that looked as if they were on fire...fall camping.

As our crew trickled in to camp we got the giant pot of stew I had cooked up out and on the camp stove to simmer back to warmth.  It was a cold cloudless night so the campfire and hot stew were just what the doctor ordered.

 Friday happened to be both a full moon as well as a pernumbal lunar ecllipse, so as the moon came up it was in shadow to start the evening.   It almost seemed to blend in with the fall colored leaves.
Though not a fishing trip I did have my gear along and snuck out for a couple hours to start Saturday.  It ended up being a practice casting session as I could not get any fish to play along, but it was great to spend the brisk morning on the water regardless of the slim pickings.  This shot was taken on a big covered bridge over the river and was one of two hours during daylight on Saturday that it was not raining...hard.

Just another shot of the bridge since it was dry at this point.  It was fun to play with the camera a bit and continue to learn more about what I can get it to do or not do.

On the way back to camp for breakfast I stopped off at a gorge overpass and the view was stunning.  All the leaves were changing and the fog was eerily thick.

After a day spent hunkering under shelter tents the rain finally stopped about six and we kicked up the fire from a sad pile of smoldering ashes and small flame to a respectable camp fire.  Nobody wanted to venture too far from the fire as the temps dropped down in to the thirties.  We had a first time camper along on this trip and she had a great time despite the rain and cold.  We told her that if she could deal with what was thrown at us for this trip then she was golden.  Definitely looking forward to doing it again!

Of course, after a wet and forboding day when we could have spent the time exploring, we woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny morning.  First order of business was to get the campfire ripping and get some water in the french press. After an awesome camp breakfast we all broke camp and went our separate ways.  thie was likely the last time thie year we will bust out the tents, but already plans are churning around in the head for sprng trips...

-mike schmidt

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