Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dirty Fonzy


Front Hook:  Gama SP11-3L3H size 1
Back Hook:  Gama B10S size 2
Connection:  Beadalon, 19 strand .018”
Beads:  Pro Eye 3D
Flash:  Mirage Flasahbou
Body1:  Craft Fur (marker striped)
Body2:  Polar Chenille
Body3:  Crazy Legs
Body4:  Mallard Flank
Head:  Senyo Laser Dub
Eyes:  medium Lead Dumbell 

About 18 months ago I ran in to a crisis…the schlappen supply was drying up due, in part, to a conflict between the bird farmers and wholesalers.  The issue has since been resolved but that period of months was a headache and made me re-evaluate some material options.   While it had certainly not directly been a life-threatening issue, as a commercial tier who incorporated schlappen in to just about every streamer pattern in my lineup it caused me some sleepless nights.  At that time I decided that I needed to add some streamers that made use of the abundance of synthetic materials on the market.   The initial version of the fly  was pretty close to the swimming action in the water that I wanted and then after a few tweaks it was dialed in.  The result is a fly that, outside of a flank feather, is  composed entirely of synthetic materials.  The design of the fly is based on old intruder winged patterns so, while I generally fish it utilizing various stripping retrieves, it can be swung as well and maintain its effectiveness. 

A full step by step is in the works as is getting it added to the website.  I had meant to take care of it already but evidently there are a lot of people gearing up for all out streamer war on fish, so I have been spending every waking moment at the vise!
-mike schmidt

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