Friday, May 2, 2014

Urban Jungle...a weekend in NYC

The crazy travel schedule this year took me to the urban jungle of New York City last weekend.  This was a quick weekend trip out with the wife to hang out with a couple friends, so I travelled without a single piece of fishing or tying gear for the first time in as long as I can remember…it felt odd.   I did though take the camera along and spent basically all weekend walking around the city taking in the sites and just soaking it as much as I could.  Home base for the weekend was up in West Harlem just a block from Morningside Park so spent the first night  staying close and hitting a few local spots.  I had catfish and eggnog waffles for dinner and cannot put in to words how amazing it was.  
Saturday morning the girls were off for a day of yoga workshops so Wes and I left just after first light and started walking.  By the end of the day we had been nearly ten miles on foot; hit St Johns Cathedral, Columbia’s campus, Absolute Bagel, Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld, in to Central Park and around the Jackie O Reservoir, the Guggenheim, Washington Square Park and it’s small scale Arch D’Triomph, then down to Midtown to hit McSorley’s Bar (est. 1854) and then another great spot for the hockey game.   In the evening we headed down to the theatre district to catch up with the girls for dinner and saw the craziness that is Times Square all lit up.

Sunday morning I was a little groggy but managed to run a four mile race in Central Park with somewhere north of 10,000 of my closest friends (finishing at around a 9/mile pace).  After brunch at the Smith at Lincoln Center we headed over to the World Trade Center, and then walked down Broadway and across the Brooklyn Bridge.  From a waterside park in the Bronx we got some great shots of Manhattan and then grabbed a cab back to get packed up for our evening flight.  Cabbed it over to LaGuardia and then by 11:30 the whirlwind trip was over and we were home.  Whew.

While I could never live in the city without drastic changes to my habits I can see why so many love it.  There are definitely endless opportunities for weekend entertainment there though and I will be back sooner than later.  I am working through all the shots that I took as I get time and will eventually get a few more shots posted.  I will try not to geek out on the architecture too much!  Thanks for putting up with a non-fishing or tying post.  At the end of next week I make the yearly trip south to Florida and hope to have some good stories to relay from that trip when I get back.
-mike schmidt

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