Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dawn of a fishing trip

Harder to sleep last night than usual for much to do and thoughts of fish dancing in my head. Stayed up late finishing up a pair of orders to hit the mail this morning in advance of the weeklong ACF hiatus to the water. I am super excited as I will have the opportunity to fish a number of rivers through New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio over the next week with a few groups of friends. Hoping to get in to some nice fish but that is secondary to simply unwinding a bit and having a good time; of course tying in to a few hogs would facilitate said unwinding quite nicely. I have a mid week break back at the house next Wednesday, so I will try to get a midway update posted before picking up a buddy at the airport and heading back to the water.

The picture above is not steelhead or trout water.
It is not a recent picture.
It is not cold.
It is however one of my favorite shots and evokes a great sense of what good is coming over the coming days. This shot was taken a few years ago on a small creek outside of Columbus that I was fishing with my good buddy Berkshire. Mike and I don't get to fish together very often anymore but something epic seems to happen the few times a year we make it happen (for example Mike landing a a cold water spring creek...that was pretty much blown January...on a stripped streamer...ridiculous). If you ever get a chance to fish with him make sure you don't get tangled up or take too long rigging because he will ignore courtesy, cast to your spot, and catch your fish with a stealing Shut Yo mouth.

-mike schmidt

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