Monday, April 25, 2011

Seven inches of Shut Yo' Mouth!

Last few flies to be tied and shipped north before I head south to Florida for a few days are a set of custom seven inch Voodoo Squatch. This is the Cotton Candy color that has proven itself to be very effective tied in the Voodoo pattern with 3/4" eyes. This is a man fly to be sure! Can't wait to see what these monsters coax out of the deep; perhaps a 30" brown.... We shall see.

-mike schmidt


  1. Do you throw it with a pink rod...ha? Good luck in Florida, will be heading to Sanibel in June. Look forward to some pics.

  2. If you catch a 30" brown trout out of Florida you would be the man, and a magician.

    Those things are huge! I'm curious what the profile looks like with the head and those eyes.

    Something like that would be a good shad pattern too for Ohio River fishing for stripers/hybrids.