Monday, November 28, 2011

Back at it

If you have seen me tying at shows this last year you have not likely seen me tying winged wets like I used to as I have been tying streamers by the handful. After talking to Don about helping out with his book project I knew I would have to get back to tying them more to get the edge back, and as luck would have it I had an order requesting fishing quality Puffers when I got home. I emailed with the customer to confirm as the original pattern calls for wing tips, rather than slips, and recommended that he try them with slips as I have found they fish better that way in small sizes. He agreed and I got to tying up a half dozen for him. It was nice to break out the floss and mallard quills for a bit!

A few streamers here...

A few streamers there...

and a bunch of swinging flies for some chrome! Working on more streamer orders this week before packing up and heading north to the fly fishing show in Holt Michigan this weekend.

I did get out for a short bit on Friday morning. The water seemed to be in great shape but my buddy Nate and I were left with the short end of the catching stick. While I did have one on and one chase the fish were far less willing to play than I had hoped. With the high water we will have after this rain and the colder weather the fish should be solidly back in to their winter feeding here so later mornings and slower retrieves will be key!

For those in Columbus next week, don't forget that we will have the premiere showing of CONNECT at the Gateway December 7!

-mike schmidt


  1. Tying winged wets myself for a forum swap, not to mention my first stab at the venerable Jock Scott!!! You ever tie the stacked wing classics yourself?

  2. Ahh the ol JS, gorgeous fly to be sure! I actually started with Spey and Dee flies then Winged Wets to get the basic principles and techniques necessary to tie full dress flies but with cheaper materials. After tying some of them though I discovered that I enjoyed the winged wets the most, so I have not tied any full dress since. I am sure some day I will take them back up. Ask me at Somerset to pull a few out to show you!