Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New book on classic 19th century fly patterns in the works!!

While I was at the International Fly Tying Symposium over the weekend I got a chance to catch up with fellow wet fly enthusiast Don Bastian. Quite frankly Don was one of the driving forces behind me tying classic winged wet flies, so I was super stoked when he asked that I be a part of a project he was putting together. That excitement grew as he told me who and what was to be involved...this book is going to be a world class reference!

Here is the press release as taken from Don's site:

Don Bastian


The Whitefish Press

Have entered into a contract to publish a book on 19th Century Fly Patterns titled:

The Favorite Flies of
Mary Orvis Marbury

All 291 of the fly patterns from Marbury’s 1892 book will be replicated in a fly tier friendly volume including tying recipes.

Hackles, Salmon Flies, Lake Flies, Trout Flies, and Bass Flies

Dressed by:
Eric Austin, Tom Baltz, Don Bastian, Dave Benoit, Scott Bleiler, John “CJ” Bonasera, Austin Clayton, Matt Crompton, Chris Del Plato, Ronn Lucas, Mike Martinek, Stanley Miller, Ed Muzeroll, Ted Patlen, Bob Petti, Roger Plourde, Paul Rossman, Dave Schmezer, Mike Schmidt, Bill Shuck, Leigh Shuman, Royce Stearns, Kat Rollin, Rick Whorwood, and Sharon Wright.

I would like to personally thank each of these contributing fly tiers. Their individual and diverse fly tying talents will enrich and enhance this project.

This book will present high-resolution photographs of the actual antique flies from all 32 of the original 1892 Orvis Fly Plates used for the painted lithographs in Marbury’s book, Favorite Flies and Their Histories, plus close to 100 additional 19th Century fly pattern recipes. For this privilege, a special acknowledgement and huge thank-you goes out to Catherine Comar, Executive Director, and Yoshi Akiyama, Deputy Director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont, for their permission, assistance, and cooperation of The Museum.

This book will include an instructional chapter and notes on pattern origins.

The Favorite Flies of Mary Orvis Marbury
Don Bastian

The Whitefish Press

The Favorite Flies of Mary Orvis Marbury will present replications of all 291 of the historic 19th Century fly patterns from Mary Orvis Marbury’s 1892 book, including written and in some instances, updated dressings in a fly tier-friendly format. This combination of photographs and tying recipes will be available to the public for the first time since the publication of Forgotten Flies in 1999.

Exact publication date for The Favorite Flies of Mary Orvis Marbury is not yet determined. However, to reserve your copy of the Limited Edition, please contact:
The Whitefish Press

or by writing:

The Whitefish Press,
4240 Minmor Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45217

If I am able I will post some shots of the patterns I will be contributing to the project. As more details become available concerning the completion and release dates I will keep you all apprised.

-mike schmidt


  1. Great news there Mike. The wets sure are great flies. Looking forward to the release of the book.

  2. That is awesome!! I just emailed whitefish press to reserve a copy! Thanks for posting. Do you mind if I mirror this on my blog?

  3. No problem at all Dustin, the more awareness it gets the better! Make mention of the original release on Don's site: http://donbastianwetflies.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/new-book-announcement/

  4. Congrats buddy, you deserve the recognition.

  5. Thanks Mike! I just made the post and gave credit to you and Don. Thanks again

  6. Mike:
    Thanks for posting this announcement here! I really appreciate it! And thanks again for your willingness to participate and tie some flies for it! I wrote a post on my blog today linking the book, my October visit to Vermont, and another blog called The View From Fish in a Barrel Pond." Some more info on the book is in my recent post. Thanks again!