Monday, April 23, 2012

Castapalooza 2012

Over the weekend I headed north towards Erie to take part in the third annual Castapalooza. The event was held at Hidden Valley Metropark on the Grand River and looks to put rods in the hands of casters to give them a cast. While there were some single handed rods cast the focus seemed to be on spey and switch casting. Between Jerry Darkes and Jeff Liskay there were 3WT rods through 12WT rods, and pretty much every line from Scientific Angler to line them up with.

My small part in the event was to demo tie some swinging flies. I must say that at 38 degrees and raining it was likely among the most harsh conditions under which I have spent time at the vise. Throughout the day I tied up flies and wandered on down to the water to cast a few rods.

Down along the river there was plenty of space to cast despite the extremely low water.

Following the event I headed in to Pennsylvania to relax waterside for an evening before heading home. It was great to be able to recharge a bit and walk around with a 2WT at the ready.

Here are a few flies that went out over the week to chase some fish.

-mike schmidt

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