Monday, April 30, 2012

Smallies and a few flies

It is that time of year that the smaillies are on the pre-spawn feed so I made sure to get out last week and take advantage of that! Pretty much anything black or olive that is put in front of a fish will get attacked. The cold front that came through mid-week did make things a little tougher but there were still some players around.

I had recieved a call that a Canadian client, Galina, would be in town for a conference and was looking to get out on the water while she was stateside. Seemed like a great excuse to get away from the vise so we set it up to hit a local watershed for a few hours in the evening towards the end of the week. Galina has only been fly casting for a few weeks so when we hit the river there was a little instruction on how to deal with the current and avoid trees, then she got after it. By the end of the evening she was laying out 40-50 foot casts like she has been doing this for years!

It did not take long and she was in to her first smallmouth bass on a fly. Admittedly it was not a bruiser, but I think the smile says it all. Congratulations Galina!

She did get in to a nicer fish as well. It was a great evening for me to be out and wet a line with a new friend; certainly looking forward to next time.

It has continued to be a busy time at the vise. I am cranking hard to get everything knocked out before I head south. I am struggling to keep my focus as I head to Florida on the 11th for a few weeks tying oceanside and chasing redfish around in my kayak! Here are a few shots of flies that have gone out in the last few days.

I am looking forward to catching up with all my friends and clients that were on the water in Michigan for the opener last weekend. Once I do I will try to get a few shots up of the festivities.

-mike schmidt

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