Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IL largie and ACF hitting the road

Got a great email from great friend and ACF customer Brian early on this week.  He had a big batch of flies show up a week ago and over the weekend got the opportunity to get out and give them a swim.  As he made his way around this central Illinois lake he got this largemouth to play along.  Great job Brian!

It has been a bit quiet around here lately as I have been tying as fast as I could to knock out orders before this weekend.  Here are a few of the last flies that got knocked out and are headed to northern Michigan and out to Alaska.  Hope to see some shots hanging out of the mouths of some massive kings!

The reason I have been hitting the vise so hard was to knock out every order on the books since this Friday the wife and I are headed to Florida for our annual trip.  It is a fantastic time down in New Smyrna each year as we are right on the beach, but only minutes from Canaveral Seashore and Mosquito Lagoon.  The kayak is coming along for the trip, so I hope to get it out quite a few times and chase around the trout and redfish. 

I will get a few shots up while I am down there and hope to have a bunch to share by the time I get back.  The shot above was one of my favorites from out on the lagoon last year.  Catch you soon!

-mike schmidt

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