Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lazy manatee day

Yesterday was awfully nice getting out to catch the sunrise over the Intercoastal.  It started off as a little cloudy but was very calm so it was really easy to get around.  As the day progressed the cloud cover burned off a bit and the sun warmed things up quite a bit.  That extra heat made the evening storms rather severe, but it was gorgeous during the day.

All rigged up and paddling around.  The only thing I am missing is a small Yeti to keep my lunch and beverages cold!

Today the weather is unfortunately kind of crappy...with clouds and storms around.  I made the call when I woke up in the middle of the night to not head out to chase fish since the weather is not exactly predictable today.  Since I was home and the pool seemed pointless with no sun Liz made the suggestion to go visit the mantees.  Sounded like a great idea so we headed down to JBs Fish Camp to rent her a kayak and headed out to see what we could find.

It did not take us long to fins some manatees, and they were extremely playful.  Here you can see Liz is initially a little taken aback at the massive manatee that came over to check her out.

She did start to warm up as they tooled around us like little puppies, using our kayaks to scratch their backs.

It really was pretty cool to have htem that close and for the wholetime that we were there.

They use their big tails to move them along with ease.

The manatees seemed especially interested in the Freedom Hawk.  I think that each one we came across decided to come over and check me out.

This guy was particularly found of a good paddle scratching of the back.  He would just sit there as I scratched and slowly roll over for a belly shot.

It was a little unnerving to have them pushing the kayaks around with their girthyness, but really cool to see them up that close.  We will definitely head back atleast another time next week for a visit.

We got the two nostril salute as we paddled away and back to the camp.  Until next time...

-mike schmidt

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