Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meal Ticket Guest Video step by step

So a few weeks ago I saw a link to a video step by step of the Double Deciever done by Brian Wise, of Fly Fishing the Ozarks, and was pretty impressed with what he had put together.  I have seen other stuff he has done before, but that was the first of mine that he had put together 'on film'.  He does not tie it exactly as I do but is pretty close and the end result looks great.  While I was in Florida I heard from him that the Meal Ticket was next up....and here it is!  Rather than the original Gama SP11-3L3H (or Mustad 34007) he utilizes the Gama B10s, but other than that in the video he is right on recipe and does a great job of it.

For those that wonder what it looks underwater here is some video of it I shot a while back.

-mike schmidt


  1. Mike,

    One question I have, is what is the purpose of having the hooks oriented different directions? Put simply, why does the front hook face up and the back hook face down?

    I dig the fly, and will tie some up soon!

    -Jake Ruthven
    Fins on the Fly

  2. Thanks Jake, glad you dig it.
    I wish I had a sexier answer for you involving years of fish behavioral research and backed by science...but nope. In this case the reverse hooks was actually the most simple solution to a design problem I was faced with on this fly. I am a big believer in hook gap but on this fly I knew the hooks I wanted to use, and they would not allow for weight to be traditionally added without blocking the gap on the front hook. By adding the large lead eyes to the shank and inverting the front hook that is not an issue with this fly. Having the lead eyes all the way in the front, as tied in Brians video, the fly will have much more of a jigging motion in the water than tying it mid-shank on the front hook like I do so it is more of a serpent swim; both efffective deliveries as long as you know what to expect with it in the water. I have other flies I have worked on since then that are on larger gap hooks, like the B10S and SL12S, that the inverted hook is not necessary.

    1. Sexy enough for me! Besides, my brain is hurting already from studying for finals, so the simplified answer is much appreciated! I will be shooting you an email in just a second. Thanks again!

  3. shoot me an email Jake; got something to send over for you to check out.

  4. This is such a great pattern. I love the action in the water!

  5. Love these flies, awesome profiles. JGR

  6. you tie some great flies man!!

  7. Thanks Mike! Probably going to shoot the Voodoo Squatch pretty soon....if fishing doesn't get in the way. :)