Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Smyrna Beach, Day One

The ACF two week hiatus is officially underway with day one in the rearview mirror.  My fantastic wifey and I hit the road from Columbus Ohio at 4:20p yesterday and drove through the night, arriving at the Beacon here in New Smyrna Beach Florida for a beachside breakfast just before 8:00a this morning.  Though it was not a walk in the park, somehow the drive did not seem as grueling this year. 

After a great breakfast we got unloaded at the condo and hit the beach for a little sun since it seemed that we were in for a cloudy day later.  As the front rolled in we decided to hit the store for provisions, you know...Russian Standard, Malibu, limes, Yueng...just the essentials.  To our delight the clouds pretty much blew through so we had a gorgeous walk up to our favorite little restaurant, That's Amore, for some dinner.  The food there is top notch and the wine pours generous to put it lightly, but it is the amazing staff that keeps us coming back, nearly every night we are down here, just to have a laugh.  We are there at best every six months but again tonight the two owners that were there, Vincenzo and Chad, as well as a server, Justin, all greeted us with high fives and hugs, asking how we have been and hung out with us at our table to fill us in on the recent goings on.  It was as if we had never left...simply awesome.

Following dinner Mrs ACF was spent so she hit the sack early, leaving me to make the easy decision to hit  the surf as tide approached low.  The last two years have been very tough as the bait fish never really came in close so nothing else did either, but tonight I was in to a very respectable Whiting on about my fifth cast.  In about an hour of casting 300gr SA Full Sink on the TFO MiniMag 6/8 canon I got in to half a dozen of these feisty little guys and saw a few larger fish surfing the waves...I have high hopes for tomorrow morning!  With the forecast to be cloudy I have made the call that the beach is where I will be the next two days, then the weather should break and the kayak will get it's fill of the Intercoastal to chase redfish and specks.

Hope to have more fish pictures next time I boot up the box.  Until then...

-mike schmidt

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