Monday, November 5, 2012

Chrome on the swing

This weekend had been a long time coming...I finally got back out on the Alley to see about swinging up some chrome!  In most normal years I would have made it happen by now but this year, between the low water and my busy schedule, I had not been able to make it up.  It was rapidly approaching the latest in the fall season since I have been running up there that I had not brought a steelhead to hand...I was getting seriously twitchy.  With the water we had last week I was anxiously watching the gauges and keeping my fingers crossed that the rivers would come in to shape, and they did.  After a quick run up on Friday night I spent Saturday on my own swinging some awfully heavy water.   Then on Sunday I met up with Greg Senyo, owner of Steelhead Alley Outfitters, and we spent the day two stepping through runs.  It was an amazing time to be on the water as there are not many days of the year that PA water is swingable, and we did get in to some chrome.  I will let the pictures talk for themselves...


On an un-fish related note the Anglers Choice Flies Step by Step volume three is completed and ready for shipping, so if you would like to pick one up head over to the site to order and I will pop it in the mail!

-mike schmidt

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