Sunday, December 2, 2012

Great Lakes Council FFF show

It is common knowledge that Kelly Galloup, Russ Maddin and Bob Linsenman were at the forefront of the northern Michigan streamer revolution and after this weekend I am once again very confident that the addiction to chasing fish with meat is alive and well.  Michigan tiers are undoubtedly pushing the envlope of streamer fishing across the species board.  Michigan guys like Schultz, Berant, Grajewski, Erny, Lynch and Lafkas continue to push the envelope and create bigger and badder streamers.  Love hanging out with those guys!

Friday night I made it up to Okemos in time to have a few beverages, play a little quiz game and watch some sportswith a few friends.  Come bright and early on Saturday morning we were up and running by Dunkin Doughnuts on the way to  the GLCFFF show.  It was a great day hanging out with friends from around the state...talking about and tying flies with a crowd.

I sat next to Tommy Lynch and between the two of us we had a crowd all day.  I started off the mornig tying big double decievers and there was no lack of interest.  These are a few of hem that went straight to my box to be chucked around at a later date.

This is one fly that is inthe works that I tied up at the show.  Name is still in the works but it is likely the next fly to be released by ACF.  If is comprised mostly of marabou and fox tail, and with the Clear Cure Eyes dumbells is as weightless as you can get.  It is five inches of fishy goodness...more to come...

-mikes schmidt


  1. Might have to do this show someday, I like the crowd and the big streamer mojo.... Looks like it was a good time

  2. That foxy fly is sick in person, keep up the great work!

  3. Sounds like a good show Mike. I might try to make this one next year.