Monday, February 11, 2013

Bad sports leaves time to tie

It was a tough sports weekend for me outside of my Wings with a solid performance, so that left some extra time to tie.  One bright spot was this shot of Kelly Neuman out on the White.  This fish made a meal of a custom glow in the dark Double Deceiver...and it is not the first to do so.  Something about that fly on an overcast day drives fish nuts.

After doing a presentation last weekend at the BUFF show in Cincinnati on winged wet flies I have the bug to tie some more up.  Lucky for me I had an order for some Parmachene Belles as well so I was able to get my fix and fill the order at the same time.  For married winged flies I stage them by assembling all the tails and wings first.

Then I go baack and tie all the flies. This particular group was half a dozen each of the Parmachene Belles in sizes 10 and 12.  It was fun to tie some more of these up and I am looking forward to knocking out more over the next few months as I get prepared for the show in Sweden where I will be tying these American classics.

As for the rest of the was a hodge podge of different streamer patterns.  Based on the orders I have stacked up in front of me I will be doing more of the same over the next week!

-mike schmidt


  1. Hey Mike, when you say "glow in the dark"- what exactly does that entail? Also those married wings look like fun. Great blog man.

  2. Thanks Jason. For the Glow Doubles I basically tie in a doubled over skirt of glow in the dark Flashabou where the bucktail is reverse tied both on the front and back hooks. I found it is most effective when tied over all white flies and using 'white' glow Flashabou (which actually glows more of a chartreuse color).

  3. I am definitely going to try that. Thanks Mike.