Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peak tying season...grinding

"Hey Mike, what are you up to tonight?  Oh yeah...nevermind."   That is the all too common bit of conversation I have with a coworker at the day job this time of year.  It always amazes people in the office, even those that that spend some time fishing, to find out that for a fly tyer this is the busiest time of the year.  Plenty of people either travelling and getting out or staying home and getting out...or thinking about getting out.  Long story short there are a lot of flies being spun and they all have to fit in around shows.  These fly pictures are some of what I have been up to over the last week.

This customer either fishes a lot, snags and loses a lot of flies, or has a lot of friends that he supplies on the water.   This was a heck of a collection and plenty to fill a box.

The standard big Super Pearl eyes starring back at you in this one almost as if to say "eat me".

A little custom job for a guy that wanted a 4.5" articulated herring pattern.  Will be making a small change before the order is tied as he intends to snell to the shank.  Will be a neat little pile of flies once they are complete.

I think these monkees have the right idea now.  I have the gear all packed up and am ready to hit the road tomorrow to head over to Lancaster Pennsylvania for the Fly Fishing Show.  Looking forward to catching up with a bunch of friends there and make some new ones.  After the weekend I will wrap up some more orders and then next weekend is the last show I do for this season in the US; will be headed up to the MFFC show in Warren Michigan.  Hope to see many of you in the next few weeks!

-mike schmidt

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