Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A few flies from tonight...01.26.11

Took a quick shot of some of the flies I tied up for one of the orders tonight. This particular set is headed east to a guy that is no doubt hoping for some open water to chuck them at soon. With a good range of size and weight this set is begging to be put in a box and walked along the river. Each of these patterns will maintain their profile and allow the fisher to swim them back in either a horizontal or vertical serpentine motion.

-mike schmidt


  1. Great looking flies! I added you to my blog list... spreading the word.

  2. Thanks Jeff. I am compiling a list of sites I will be adding on here at some point as well, freshwaterfly is on it!

  3. Great looking flies Mike! Congrats on the new blog, I've bookmarked it and will promise to check it out often.

    Paul Tidroski

  4. Good idea on simulcasting the fb page on a blog. I may do the same.....

  5. Thanks Paul, hope it keeps your interest.

    Rich, I think it will be fun to have this here and add some extra to what is on FB. A little extra work but I think it will be a valuable avenue to communicate with people. Let me know if I can help you setting one up.