Monday, August 8, 2011

ACF stickers are in!

A while back I took some preliminary sticker designs and sent them over to Matt Zudweg, at Boneyard Fly Gear, to see what he thought. After a little tweaking the end result was a 4" die-cut sticker printer on high quality outdoor vinyl...and pretty sweet if I do say so myself! These are going to be put in to some of the outgoing ACF orders in the next few months and I will have them along for the fall show season as well. In the meantime I will be sending a few out on request, so if you are interested email me your address.

For those I send out or hand out at shows...take a picture of where you posted it and shoot it back. At the end of the year I will put together a 'where are they now' contest and the winner of the coolest location/background will get some flies sent their way!

-mike schmidt

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  1. man...bro...I'm gonna need one of those to grace the collection on the back of the Jeep...