Thursday, August 18, 2011

Packed up and one day to go!

Sorry it has been a bit slow around here lately but I have been in preparation mode for my first trip to Alaska. I chose this time of year specifically for the silvers but there will also be sockeye, char, rainbows, grayling, and maybe a few chinook hanging around. I pretty much got everything packed up and ready to go! Waders and clothes in the Simms bag, reels and flies in the roller carry on, and five rods in the tube. Going to take along a 9' 6WT Redington CPX, 10WT TFO TiCR, 9'6" 8WT Redington, 10'7" Shelbyville switch, and my personal favorite the 10'3" 8WT M-series from Mystic.

Here are a few of the flies that will be along for the trip.

Flesh and mice

Some Coho Candy using the Flymen Fish Skulls

Various leeches

and some big stuff, with and without lips. Will be interesting to see if I can annoy some salmon with them and I hear there is a great spot close to camp to get in to some pike! Going back through my list tonight to make sure I don't forget anything I know I need, and hope there is nothing I need that I don't know about. I plan on taking a ton of pictures, so when I get back next Sunday I will have a bunch of work to do sifting through them!

Keep an eye out for those pictures next week. I should also finally be able to show you guys a few of the things that I have been sitting on until their release at the trade show in NOLA!

Catch you all in a week!
-mike schmidt


  1. looks like you're prepared to donate a few flies to rocks trees etc.
    Nice selection. Have a good one!