Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bar Flies

Last night was my night on the Bar Flies roster, so after lunch I hit the road and headed north to the Dexter Pub to meet up with the Schultz Outfitters crew.

I got there a little early so I bellied up to the downstairs bar and enjoyed a few frosty beverages courtesy of Bell's Brewery.

We got underway once everyone got their gear unpacked and kncked out a few articulated patterns. There was a wide range of tying experience and we were able to knock out the Meal Ticket and the Red Rocket. Maybe next time we will do some of the really big stuff!

The boys at surprised me and hooked me up with a customized bottle of Woodford...delicious!

I had a great time while I was up there and am hoping I make the roster next year.
Tomorrow I will finish up a day in the office and then head north to South Bend to do a workshop for the St Joe River Valley Fly Fishers. They are a great group and I am excited to be heading back. Should have some pictures in a few days...

-mike schmidt