Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A little White River and the Louisville recap

Starting off this one with a bit of fish porn courtesy of the boys at Streamside Custom Rod and Guide Service. Kelly, Adam, Erik and Bob headed out to Arkansas' amazing fishery...the White River system armed with boxes of meat to throw, including an good many ACF ties. The first few days were too nice and not as productive but the second half of the weeks sounds like it was much better. Some pretty quality fish here and I understand there were some tanks that eluded them as well.

I have a bunch of flies out there with other groups and really looking forward to seeing what they are able to get in to. Saw a few hog shots today... I am going to have to make that trip happen next year and have a few other streamer afficianados lined up to head out with me!

Last weekend I made my way down to Louisville on Friday for the Derby City Fly Fishers show. Upon arrival I headed over to a local watering hole to take in Linsanity on ESPN; 38 points in a win against the Yellow Kobes was pretty impressive.

Got a surprise when my cousin showed up with his boys to take in the show. The guys were full of questions and had a great time tying their own flies then checking out the other outfitters there. It was good to catch up and we'll see if they get the fly bug!

Heading north at lunch tomorrow to meet up with the Schultz Outfitters crew for Bar Flies at the Dexter Pub in Dexter Michigan. It should be a great time as we tie up some articulated streamers while enjoying a frosty beverage.

This weekend I will be headed up to South Bend to teach a workshop for the St Joe River Valley Fly Fishers, then next weekend it is up to Grand Rapids for the Celebration of Fly Tying. It should be a fun Saturday as usual, and then I head north to hit the water on Sunday with the Fish Whisperer himself...Tommy Lynch. Pretty stoked to see what we are able to entice from the tanin stained waters.

-mike schmidt


  1. Yeah, White river is a streamer Mecca. I'll have to get down there some day.


  2. Some beasts there for sure. What are those white suckers they're eating. I've seen your pictures of them numerous times, but have never been able to figure out the name of the fly.

  3. They are 6 or 8 inch Double Deceivers; either Cotton Candy or glow. Pretty much every fish in this post was taken on one.

  4. Here Fishy Fishy......2013??? Lookout