Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Berk gets wet and a few flies

Last weekend I was finally able to get out with Berkshire.  It seems that anymore we are only able to find a few times a year to hit the water so it was really good to catch up with him on the water.  We decided to try out some new water and were really pleased with what we saw when we got there.  Lots of riffles, grass islands, and pools to hold fish.  First thing in the morning there were plenty of carp tailing  as they devoured crayfish and there had to be some smallies around.  I had decided to take out the Mystic 5WT switch rod so I started bombingg cast across the big slow pools and short stripping in a Sneaky Pete.  It was really my first time out with the rod so I just wanted to get comfortable with it.  Not long in I had a huge swirl on the fly and was hooked up to a very sizeable smallie for the area.   Unfortunately I had brain lock and came over the top, a serious no no with a switch as it takes the tension off, and the fish took advantage of the lapse.  I was kicking myself, but happy to see that size fish in the area.

We only had a few hours before Berk had to head home.  We hit it hard for a good stretch and scouted quite a bit of water.  These are some scrappy fish I hope to visit again this weekend...

Since coming back from CT I have been knocking out orders and stocking some flies for myself.  Here is a box that headed north towards the beginning of the week.

This is a trout box headed to Indiana and a steelhead box along with it.  The steelhead box is a donation to the Tippecanoe Fly Fishers for their raffle...hope it helps them raise a few bucks!

A few souped up Conrads to refill my depleted streamer box.

I also got a chance to get a start on the hoppers I will need for when I head west in July.

One last shot for today...this is a sculpin that Rich Strolis showed me when I was out east.  I was really impressed with this one and had to tie up a few as soon as I got home.  Rich hit it out of the park for design and fishability on this one.  Definitely going to terrorize some fish.

-mike schmidt

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