Thursday, June 21, 2012

Red October now available

The Red Rocket has been out for a while now and has proven itself to be very effective in situations where the angler is able to get the fly in 'the zone'.  Generally that has meant slow to medium flows and depths up to about eight feet.  There are plenty of areas though with deeper water, faster water, or both...and a version of the Rocket was requested to facilitate use in those situations.  To fill that need the Red October came into being.  The Red October is the body of the Rocket but rather than a multi-stacked Laser Dub head it uses only one stack and is finished off with a Fish Skull.  While this design stil puches plenty of water the slimmer profile of the head and the Skull allow this fly to get down like a sub.  Due to the weight of the head the fly does not have quite the side to side swimming action of the Rocket, but rather more of a vertical swim and active retrieve.  As of tonight it has been added to Anglers Choice Flies as an available streamer pattern.

While I was messing around with the site coding I went ahead and added the Chard Choker as well.  This pattern of Bruce Chards design has been money for skinny water carp.  It was designed as a saltwater flats fly, so by necessity it had to be able to enter the water quietly, get down, and not foul on the bottom...all perfect components for chasing carp.  My early season go to carp craw pattern was the Gorgon Craw but now that the craws have grown a bit this fly fits the bill perfectly.  If I am able to get out on Saturday this will likely be what I start the morning off with.

-mike schmidt

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