Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creekin' kind of day

BOOM! That. Just. Happened.  Every once in a while the creeks surprise me. 

I made it out this morning with my buddy Nate to do a little creekin'.  Up and out at first light we headed off to explore a couple headwater creeks in Central Ohio.  The first one we hit held promise, lots of food around with good structure, but the water was clouded up.  After a few hours of thrashing around with no players we decided to hit the car and move a few miles to a different area, and that area was awesome.  With every step the water was alive with crayfish, juvenile fish, chubs, bugs...and the water was cool and clear.  The fish in the first picture was the anomaly of the day, but there were plenty of other fish in each place you would expect to find them.

This was more the average size of what I would expect from this water.  Strong and scrappy little guys hanging out in any good pocket of water waiting on some food to make a mistake and tumble by.

The coloring on the fish in this watershed was rad.  They were a great light olive with wide dark olive-brown barring to them and broad powerful tails.  Despite the abundance of food these fish must be real survivors to evade predation in low and clear water no wider than your average room. 

I really enjoyed the adventure today.  Jonsing for the next trip out already...

-mike schmidt

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