Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little down time

June was not planned as a slow month, but the orders came in at just the right rate to allow me to keep on top and mostly ahead of things for the last few weeks.  It was unexpected but welcome as I have felt like I having been constantly jumping through hoops for longer than I can remember.  I have been able to take some time to fish with a few buddies that I have not been able to meet on the water in some time, or in other cases for the first time.  The above shot was a result of one of those trips.  I made it out for a few hours on Wednesday morning to stalk some fish with Michael Decoteau of RedSpotFly.  He is a hella talented tier and artist, as well as solid behind the lense.  He got the above shot as I was waiting out a few tailing fish and plotting my next move.  RedSpotFly does not yet have a website active, though it will in short order, but in the meantime you can keep up with him through the RedSpotFly Facebook page.  I was able to get the shot of Michael below displaying the stealth to get a shot at some fish even with water aas stained up as it was.  We had a great time sneaking up on fish but the hooking part...not so much this time out.

Being caught up with orders has also allowed me to tie some flies for myself and restock some very depleted fly boxes.  Perfect timing really as tomorrow I head north to Traverse City for the weekend and then next week will be jumping a plane out to Wyoming to chase browns around for a few days.  To say I am excited about both would be very accurate!  In a few days I will post some shots from TC as well as the fly boxes that will accompany me west.  I am pretty pleased with the assortment of streamers, hoppers, Stimmys, and nymphs that will be coming along for the ride. 

I have also been taking the time as I worked on these boxes to get step by step shots taken so I can get to work on the copy and have Volume Three of the ACF Step by Step CDs ready to go this fall. 

-mike schmidt

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