Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hard to beat a jet buzzing by so close the water shakes.

Hard that is unless it turns in to a straight vertical bank so fast and close that you can see the water vapor pouring off!

The wife and I made the trek up to Traverse City this weekend, not to chase carp but just too relax.  It has been far too long since heading up there and with this being the first weekend of the Cherry Festival it seemed like a great time for it.  We woke on Saturday morning and though it was fairly cool and cloudy we did see that the clouds were going to break and we may be able to get out on the bay for the air show.  It was a bit more breezy than we would have liked, but we tucked in to a small bay behind some breakers and let the chilling commence. 

Along with the show there was of course some tomfoolery.

My nephew Aiden could not let the planes have all the fun...he had to try and get in on the flying as well!

Just because this was not a fishing trip did not mean I did not break out a few sticks.  I took the opportunity to use the breeze as a test for the Mystic 5WT switch and it performed flawlessly.  It is strung up with a 320gr skagit head and loaded so well it practically casts itself.  With, across, or against the wind I had no problem with this rig and can not wait to get more water time with it chasing smallies.  The other rod is my standard 8WT rig but with a new line that Rich Strolis sent me to try out.  I normally throw a Streamer Express, but he sent over the Airflo Streamer Max 280gr line.  Had I not known what it was I would have thought it was a skagit line based on the diameter of the head!  I spooled it up and was very impressed with the size and weight of fly that it could turn over, and with the very limited amount of line that needed to be out for a single back cast to load up the rod.  I can not wait to put it to the test over the next few months...starting with Wyoming this coming week.

Finishing up a few more flies this week and will be sure to get a before shot up of the arsenal on Wednesday.

-mike schmidt

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