Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recent lull

Sorry about the lull around here over the last week.  I started off fighting off a sinus infection and cold, now mostly in the lurch, and then moved on to flies for a few book projects that are in the works.  Since posting the book flies would be a bit shady I have not had a lot of material to share.  With a birthday tomorrow I will likely spend Saturday at the vise...or some taking in the raw splendor of Expendables 2!  Sunday I hope to hit the water and chase some fish somewhere in the area.  Between those I should have some more post-worthy items for you early next week.

While I can't post any of the finished book flies I will leave you with this one as it is still in the works.  This is one of my more favored classic patterns that does not use Jungle Cock...the Allerton.   The finished product will be included in Don Bastians book, The Favorite Flies of Mary Orvis Marbury, scheduled for release later this year.  For more information on it you can check out the first time I mentioned it here on the ACF Feed back in November.

-mike schmidt

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