Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Couple big flies and some customer shots

So, I got settled back in when we got off the plane and was back to the vise as the first load of laundry was in the washer. Hammered out some flies to get out quick and on to a few big orders now that will keep me busy for a few days. Here is a shot of a few eight inch flies headed east to complete an partial-ship order. These should rage on some New England fish!

A few months ago I had posted a shot of a friend, Nate, that decided to pick up fly tying. Having never tied before I gave him some guidelines for tools and materials that he would want to start with and he came over to start the addiction. I could tell right off that night that he had what it takes to be really good if he decided to stick with it. Well...he did and now has more materials than some shops I have been too. Here is the shot I posted of the second fly he ever tied from that first night about four months ago.

...and here is the shot he sent me yesterday of his most recent creation he dubbed the 'Meal Stick'. He said that it is the Meal Ticket body with a Fish Skull head...I say it is hella cool! It may well makes it's way to the ACF fly catalogs at some point.

Got a chance at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show this year to see Chris Warren tying. This year he was tying at the Pro Flytyer Tube Fly component booth. He is a very talented young tier that I am excited to see continue to develop in the coming years. He picked up a few flies from me and shot over this bass pic from last weekend.

Also got some more pictures from Stephen Shen, a guide for the Delaware River Club. It seems that he has been doing pretty well with the Voodoo Squatch lately!

Keep it up guys!

-mike schmidt