Thursday, May 12, 2011

A year..really? Already?

Hard to believe it, but a year ago I was headed south to finish up the preparations for my Florida beach wedding. It has been an amazing year both personally and professionally. The wedding and subsequent nearly twelve months with Mrs ACF has been nothing short of fantastic. She is an amazing and supportive woman, something that has allowed to to continue growing ACF. Speaking of which, the last year for ACF has been a banner year as well thanks to all of you. It has grown considerably for yet another year, articles have been published, balls in the air for other projects, trips planned...good stuff!

Here is that last order I knocked out last night after packing. When I hit the road after work today it will be without the vise and, by the time I get back late next weekend, will have resulted in the second longest span of consecutive days without tying since my first fly; unless of course I simply can't take it and step behind the vise at New Smyrna Outfitters...

Will be nice to relax with a few friends, recharge with some frosty Yueng, draw out new ideas for patterns, and play a little quiz game at the bar

It will be a rough week...

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