Sunday, May 29, 2011


That's a lot of Premo strip! Finished up part of an order for a variation of a Michigan classic called a Houghton Lake Slammer. Been a while since I have spun this many heads in a sitting...

Tied on a Daiichi 2220 size 2, you start with a red tag and then wrap flat silver tinsel through a large black chenille body about two thirds the way up the shank.

Then tiw in a wing hanging off the back of white bucktail topped with brown bucktail.

Finally tie in a thick collar and two big spun chunks of Premo Strip, then trim to a basic sculpin head shape with a slightly rounded bottom.

I have not been able to get out much lately so another shot of a Tan Red Rocket sent over by Shen will have to suffice as the fish porn for today. Hoping to get out tomorrow...?

-mike schmidt


  1. Holy crap you are on fire! Just wanted to let you know I was doing a blog shout out tonight and was going to put you in it. I do one a week with 2 members. Hopefully 152 followers can get you some more readers! LOVE your blog!!

  2. Thanks Dustin, I appreciate it my friend!