Thursday, October 20, 2011

Regal Engineering Pro-Staff

This just in....Mike Schmidt is the newest member of the Regal Engineering Pro-Staff!

For the better part of the last decade I have been tying on the same vise for both personal and commercial tying. While it has been a real workhorse for me I wanted to be sure that I was working with the best tools for me, so about a year ago I decided to keep an open mind about what my next vise would be when the time came. There are a lot of quality vises on the market today and I needed something that would be low maintenance and reliable, true rotary, as well as comfortably fit my hands. I know many people that tie on and talked highly of their Regal vises, but it was Greg Senyo that really convinced me that they are a phenomenal option since he and I tie a similar volume and style.

Earlier this year I decided that I needed something more portable for taking on road trips, so I picked up the Regal Travel vise and was very impressed with how well it performed. In August Greg introduced me to Don Barnes, of Regal, as we were packing to leave the Naknek River Camp in Alaska and Don was on his way in for the week. After talking about the fishing we had experienced over the previous week the discussion turned to gear. I told Don then that I was glad to have the opportunity to tell him in person that I was very impressed with the Travel Vise. After then being contacted by Mike McAuliffe to gauge my interest, I made the decision to join the Regal Pro-Staff and have been tying on the Regal Revolution...which is AWESOME!

I am looking forward to a great working relationship with Regal and their staff.

-mike schmidt


  1. Congrats! Regal is the workhorse of the vise bunch and may not be the fanciest or sexiest, but they just get it done. I have been tying on mine for about 10 years or so and I don't think I will change. I have thought about it, but never had a reason to do so. Good job.


  2. I tied on a Regal Rotary for over 20 years. Then a #22 hook snaps out, and I am looking for a new vise.

    I found one I like very much, but all those years of service from the Regal are yet to be matched.