Sunday, October 9, 2011

Salmonfest 2011...what a few days

Headed up to Baldwin Michigan for the yearly salmontrip with buddies to the Pere Marquette. The rumor has had it that this was the largest run, both for size and numbers, in a few decades...and I was amazed to see that the rumors were right on. This is a picture heavy post with a few comments along the way.

Early morning Mike was getting the rig set up and ready to go by the light of his headlamp.

At the same time Brian was getting his camera tuned in.

It did not take long for the first player to come to hand. There were a TON of fish around with plenty of them being fish that had plenty left in the tank to put serious bend in the rod.

Every back eddy was absolutely full of eggs swirling around.

Mike hooked up on a solid fish that needed netted.

I think the grin says it all! After this fight the fish was a bit tough to get lifted for a shot.

But not too tough.

The colors on this trip were in full swing. It was gorgeous in every direction.

This was one of two fish Mike landed that Boga'd over 22 pounds. This fish put on one sick show.

Brian with his first of the year, an acrobatic buck that was hanging off the back of a deep bed munching eggs.

Sometimes you need a helping hand to keep the stick at the ready while rigging.

Brian with his biggest fish of any kind to date. He did everything right while fighting this fish and is looking forward to besting it once his arm recovers.

Struggling to lift! This was another one over 22lb.

Needless to say this trip was an absolute blast. Good friends, good fishing, great location, anf great cocktails! Plans for next year were being formed before we even left.

The obligatory final fish porn shot.

-mike schmidt


  1. Great post. Looks like you guys probably have sore arms after this one.

  2. You have the life!!! Great report.

  3. It was pretty epic Rich.

    Work hard, play hard Eunan!

  4. Peak color, peak of the run- very cool Mike. I heard it was insane down there. The fish are enormous this year- I hope it carries over another year.