Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It's a fish that goes by many names. Gator, Piggy, Walter, River Unicorn, Hog Johnson.... Regardless of your chosen name it is the fish of a lifetime, and Kelly Neuman of Streamside Custom Rod and Guide Service brought one to hand today. Fishing his stomping grounds on Michigan's beautiful Au Sable river he convinced this 30.5" resident brown that that ACF Firetiger Double Deceiver he was chucking was indeed a meal worth moving for. Needless to say that is one hell of a fish. Congratulations Kelly!!

I got the text from Kelly this morning about this fish and had a smile going all day thinking about it, and picturing it in my head. It is pretty much the epitome of vicarious fishing.

This batch of flies just happened to hit the mail headed north to Kelly this morning just before I got the text. Conrad Sculpins, Double Deceivers, Fin Clips and Red Rockets all ready to chase the next fish of a lifetime! This was the last order I am filling before hitting the road after work to drive south. Looking forward to spending a week relaxing on the beach before the craziness of show season kicks in. Hopefully I will come back with a few more fish pictures from the salt...

-mike schmidt


  1. Still shaking my head at the site of this beast. Totally green with envy!

  2. Awesome flies, awesome fish etc.

    I guess I'll see you at the BUFF show then in a couple of months. I look forward to seeing all of those flies in person.

  3. sounds like a plan JGR, I will definitely be there!