Saturday, October 22, 2011

Went to see a man about a fish...

Oh what a day! I got a call a few days ago that Greg Senyo and a number of his crew were going to be hanging out at Conneaut Creek Club on Friday night and was invited to make my way up. I had just received my new 7WT switch rod in the mail so I of course said "Absolutely!". After a night of cocktails, stories, and tying we hit the sack and woke up to a crisp morning and headed out. With all the water lately there was not a whole lot of rivers fishable so we headed over to the Elk and were pleasantly surprised to see there was 18-20" of vis and good solid flow...perfect swinging water.

It took all of about six casts for Greg to get us on the board with a fish the nearly ripped the rod out of his hands. It was really cool to see a guy that has caught as many fish as he has still get super jacked about a good chrome tug.

Of course I made sure that I got in on the action as well. After a pair of fish that received a long distance release, including a real toad that popped 12lb flouro, I buttoned up this nice buck. A couple hard runs and jumps later I wrangled him in to the waiting net and simply smiled.

Here is another female that I brought to hand. I was surprised when I saw her size as I expected a behemouth based on how hard she crushed the fly. All told on the day Greg and I hooked up to 8 fish, all on the swing, and brought four of them in. Really a great day on the water!

Here is a shot of one of the fish with the new switch rod from Mystic Outdoors. It is a 11'3" 7WT that cast beautifully when matched up with a 400gr SA Skagit Extreme Short head to Dragon Tail shooting line.

Can't wait for the next time I get up there in a few weeks!

-mike schmidt


  1. Great lookin fish there Mike....what flies were they slamming?

  2. Nothing named yet Eunan. We were fishing a couple of Greg's medium sized experimental bait fish imitations.

  3. seems like they have a future....