Monday, July 4, 2011

All-American fish on the All-American Day

Finally got a chance to get out and hit some water to chase some fish with my buddy, Mike Berkshire, today. Between work and family it seems that for the last few years the only time we are able to get together is for our annual salmon trip, but the opportunity presented itself today so off to the water we went to see about some smallmouth. The fishing was pretty solid today and we brought a number of good smallies to hand, but of course the BS was flying thick and the same old jokes never get old.

It took a little while to pattern the fish and where they were hanging out but black Red Rocket was what it took for me to be in to the fish.

The fish were wicked strong and not happy about being hooked. A few jumped like maniacs and some others did their best freight train impression...none came to hand easily.

This fattie was my most solid slab of the day.

Mike got in to a solid fish as well that had really prevalent barring to it. Really love to see the smallmouth with the pattern so well defined.

I hope you all had as great a fourth of July weekend as I did!
More flies to come this week...

-mike schmidt


  1. Thanks Pat. Tough to beat a morning of wet wading some smallmouth creeks!