Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big fish prefer Moist Kittens

Every now and then I get a brain cramp from production tying, it's a hazard of the business. For me those times mean I simply need to stop what I am working on and do a little vise freestyle to tie up some flies for personal use. In one such session I decided that I loved the front hook configuration of the Voodoo Squatch but wanted it to be a bit meatier and to have a little more backbone to the back half. Those changes would make a fly push around a whole lot of water, and would change up the action in faster water. The result was a 7.5" fly that is one Mack Truck of a streamer...the Moist Kitten.

Other than tying most of the weekend, I did get out on Saturday with a buddy to chase a few smallies and white bass around. Nothing really large came to hand, but there were some fiesty players and we got a chance to scout out a few access points on our local water. This week I will be spending some serious time at the vise since I will be out of town for Tying in the Pines next weekend!

-mike schmidt


  1. Nice looking fly, what kind of fish do you chase with this one?

  2. Thanks! They were designed to be thrown on a 200gr full sinking line for big trout. That said, anything that eats fish could be a target for this fly. I have not had it out after toothy critters, but would have to alter the connection a bit to ensure they stay buttoned up since the connection on this version is 30lb Fireline to a 1/0 stinger hook....would have to come up with some sort of split ring and wire combination to hold up to teeth.

  3. That fly is ridiculous...well done! Looks like it would hammer the pike as well.

  4. Those flies just scream big brown trout. Nice! Todd