Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meecy Micey that's a spicey...ummm...pile of mice was a busy night at the desk. These mice are headed north in the morning, now on to some Prom Dresses to chase Atlantics.

-mike schmidt


  1. I should be able to put something together

  2. Wow, those don't look like something I've seen before. Yeah, I'm looking forward to a tutorial if you can put one together. JGR

  3. It does not look like I will get a step by step done before I head out of town, but it is not a hard pattern. Tied on a TMC8089 you tie a rabbit strip off the back, then tie in a strip of foam and pull it back over itself. Spin in a few clumps of deerhair, figure eight in come legs, then another spun clump. Finish by pulling the foam over the top and tying it down just behind the eye, then trim the hair to shape.