Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tying in the Pines weekend

I made it back in to town from a great weekend of tying in northeastern Pennsylvania at the Tying in the Pines event. I got up there late after work on Friday, then got up before light on Saturday morning to stalk some brookies for a few hours. The creek was beautiful and extremely low. I did get my eyes on a few good fish but the second they sensed anything was wrong they slid back up under rocks like an eel and stayed there.

The class itself was held on the first floor of the cabin. Dave, Greg, Damon, Nate, Ron and myself got ourselves around the table after breakfast and got to work. We took a break for lunch in the early afternoon and then got back after it until the evening. Before dinner I headed over to the river just down the road with Dave to show him a few castin and rigging items and we walked in to the river to find a huge Golden Eagle sitting on a piece of wood. It took off when we got about 20 yards away, then not more than five minutes later we watched a Bald Eagle cruise up the river and sqwak at us as it flew over us and kept going. It was awesome!

After nearly nine hours of tying we put down some delicious steaks off the grill and then sat around the bonfire until it was time to turn in for the night. Lots of stories, laughs, and beers to say the least.

We ended up tying fifteen different streamer patterns over the course of the class. Here is a shot of a few of the flies we still had out as we were packing up. The guys that took the class did a fantastic job and seemed very happy with what they were able to learn. I really look forward to the next class we put together.

-mike schmdit

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