Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hypnot-eyes'd...the Goo is the Poo!

Had a package on my doorstep yesterday and was happy to see it was my replacement Goo from Brian Carson of Clear Cure Goo. I was just about out so it was great to see a bunch of new squeeze bottles full of Thin and Hydro staring me back in the face as I ripped the package open. The added bonus in this package was some of the new Clear Cure Eyes. I have been stoked to see them since Brian told me he was working on them...and they are AWESOME! I will get more up on them in the coming weeks, but could not wait to try them out so I tied up this beastie tonight with them.

Now I need to finish up packing and hit the sack. I take off after work tomorrow to head to Indianapolis for 'Indiana on the Fly', put on by Reel Women Reel Menof Indianapolis. Should be a fantastic show again so I hope to see some of you there.

-mike schmidt


  1. Wow, you can really see the colors of the marabou through those eyes. Did you goo over the top of them?
    How about the dumb bells, were those in your package?

  2. They are really sweet Eunan. I did get each new 'color' of eyes as well as the barbell versions. Got some ideas in my head for the barbells just not on hooks yet. The eyes here were glued in like normal, then used CCG Thin to form the head around and behind them, then did a full over coat of CCG Hydro for extra durability.