Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Somerset 2012

Made it back from Somerset this year in one piece after one heck of a great few days. Friday this year was as busy as Saturday was the last few years, and it only got busier from there. Must be a whole lot of people looking to shed the shack nasties these days! I only got a few shots over the course of the weekend due to the crowds and busy post show schedule.

Here is a shot to my left on Thursday. Got to have Kevin Compton share the neighoring table and it was a busy one. The shot below was the next aisle over on one of the handful of times that I was able to stretch my legs for a minute.

Of course I did get a chance to work on my streamer box a bit so it is no longer as pathetic as it had become over the last year or so!

The evenings saw just about everybody there wander through TKs for a cocktail or twenty...

It really was a fantastic time filled with meeting up with old friends and starting new friendships. It is always interesting to see what ideas and schemes come from this many driven people getting together and talking shop. There will certainly be a few new things rolling around here at ACF in the next few months as a result.

-mike schmidt

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  1. What an absolute blast it was! Good to see ya again Mike.