Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A 'scientific number of flies' and some river shots

So, I am pretty sure that this batch of flies is what world scholars would refer to with the scientific measurement known as a 'shit load'. Yes...a shit load of flies to be sure, and they are headed north to chase fish and certainly a few will also make their way to the White. Now you can see why I have been relatively quiet for the last week!

I got a lot of questions about a picture I posted last week of the glowing fly so here is a better shot. It is a Double Deciever that I incrporate glow in the dark Flashabou throughout the bucktail so that it has a tasty glowing profile. It is a great low light or no light option.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to get out and hit the water with photographer Zach Johnson. I got there early and had a few fish in the net before he arrived, including one on the first cast...which is a great way to start off the day. It was fairly chilly despite the forecast and it was one of the most crowded days on the water that I have seen. I guess that everyone had the same idea when they saw the weather maps with mid to upper 40's listed...it only hit 34 while we were there. Below are a few shots from the day and there are more to come once he has a chance to go through what he shot.

This fish was a nice brown that came in just shy of 19" and hit the fly like a ton of bricks. The fly was one that I had posted a shot of the night before and it fished exactly as expected. After a few times out this has quickly developed in to one of my personal go to patterns.

It was a great day to be out and unwind a bit after tying heavily all the previous weekend and week. I really had a great time with Zach on the water and am looking forward to the next time. If you dig his work lik I do then check out some of his other stuff at http://www.zachjohnsonoutdoors.com/

Tomorrow I will finish out the day at work and then start making my way east for the Somerset NJ Fly Fishing Show that runs Friday through Sunday. It is a fantastic show and time that I look forward to as I get to catch up with many buddies I only see a few times a year. I hope to see some of you there.

When I get back there will only be one week until the Intermediate/Advanced fly tying class starts up at Mad River Outfitters. The class will be four consecutive Mondays starting February 4th and will cover a wide range of patterns and techniques. It is a small class set up so each attendee gets personal attention and is always a good time. If you are in, or close, to Columbus and interested then give the shop a call and sign up. They are at 614.451.0363.

Catch you all next week!

-mike schmidt


  1. As a professional scientist, Shit load is a proper unit of measure. Well played sir.

  2. Shit load is more than appropriate. the GITD DD looks sick Mike. Nice job.