Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tube Fly Tech swim tanks...yeah baby!

For those of you that have seen me at the show the last few weeks you may have noticed the new addition of the swim tank to my setup...kind of hard not to with something this cool! Many have talked with me about it at the shows and taken the site down to check it out but I have not yet mentioned it here for those that have not seen it in person.

The tank is a Swim Tank from Tony DiBenedetto Jr at Tube Fly Tech. More than being a nice part of the display at the shows, this tank has been an invaluable tool for me as I take flies through the design phase. Since I do not have a clear river running through my back yard this tank is a fantastic way for me to confirm that the intended action for a fly successfully translates from thought, to paper, and finally to hook.

If you are interested in one then head over to, and let Tony know you saw mine and have to have one!

Got a fish shot from ACF customer Mike today. He headed out to the White in Arkansas to huck some streamers last week. Despite some pretty tough conditions they did manage to get some fish to play and he sent me a shot of one that decided to make a meal of a Cotton Candy Double Deciever. Just enough to wet the whistle for the next trip Mike!

-mike schmidt

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  1. Really cool, I'll look you up at BUFF Cabin Fever. That is if I can say hi with the huge crowd you draw up hahaha. JGR