Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trout, Indy, Tommy, and flies

Had to start off this post with a great shot of an Ohio brown that took a mouthful of Meal Ticket last weekend. Local guide and ACF customer Ron Lewis was out with photographer Zach Johnson and got a number of reallt solid images, this being one of them. Check out more of Zach's work at

Last weekend I made my way to Indianapolis for 'Indiana on the Fly', a great show that combines fly fishing, fly tying, and wingshooting. After a night of some fantastic micro-brews I got to the site early and got everything set up.

Hard at work...

I brought the swim tank along so that people could get a really good look at what some of the flies are doing underwater, and get a better idea of the movement even without any action imparted by the angler.

The show had steady traffic throughout the day and right up to the end of the show. I had a lot of good discussions about fly design and how to fish them, as well as bounce some ideas back and forth with attendees. I had a great time!

Last night we brought in Tommy Lynch, of the Fish Whisperer Guide Service, to give a presentation to Central Ohio Fly Fishers on fishing big streamers and streamer techniques. It was a fantastic presentation and I think everyone learned quite a bit. Nothing better than talking big fish and flies all night!

This is why I have not been posting much lately...been a little busy at the vise. This batch is headed out to Utah in the morning and I am on to a ton of flies for the White next. Man am I jealous that I can't be there this year...

-mike schmidt


  1. out to need my address then? haha

  2. Those goo eyes and head in the swim tank look dynamite!