Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BIG ASS Ohio brown and the MRO tying class

6:07pm ring ring ring

Mike: Hello?
Ron: Hey Mike, it's Ron Lewis. You'll have to talk loud since my phone is in a vacuum bag.
Mike: Oh...OK. Sounds like you are on the river's it going?
Ron: Thought you should be the first to know...I just caught my personal best!
Mike: (internally remembering the last best at 27.5") Dude, that is sweet!
Ron: Yeah, and I caught it on that Red Rocket I got from you.
Mike: HELL YEAH, DUDE THAT IS SICK!!!! Tell me you got pictures?
Ron: Sure did, set the tripod up on the bank and got shots. I will send them when I get home.
Mike: Awesome, can't wait to see it! it is! 28 inches of baddest fish in the river; a resident brown, not a lake run. I am confident we have them bigger, but not much and definitely not many of them. This is one hell of a nice fish for anywhere let alone central Ohio. Well done Ron!

28" Mad River brown with a Red Rocket hanging from it's maw...a thing of beauty!

Took me a bit to settle down after hearing about that massive fish and get to business, but it was time to get the Mad River Outfitters Advanced tying class underway. Six guys are signed up this session so it is a very comfortably sized class. We had a great time tonight tying a few streamers and getting the feeling of what the guys want to tie in the coming weeks. Looks like a few articulated streamers, some deerhair work, parachute dries, musky fly, and maybe a tarpon fly are on the docket!

The next few days will be tying a lot of flies as usual, but after seeing Ron and having rising water coming I may have to figure out a way to sneak out for a few hours on the water...

-mike schmidt


  1. nice man...isn't it great when people have success on your flies...

  2. the only thing better would have been landing it myself ;) It really is a cool feeling to see others hammer fish on flies I made. I have been fortunate to get them in the hands of some pretty solid sticks.

  3. Great fish, now that's what I like to see. Looks like that fly will be in that order Mike. I will get cracking on compiling that list, hope to add some more fish porn to your library to push your stellar streamers.... Stay tuned...